Saturday, April 11, 2009

Measure twice...

I should be working on my outlines (I will explain outlines, and their drastic impact on law school studying, later. They are evil). But I am easily distractible, and ended up puttering in my kitchen looking for breakfast/lunch. I am getting close to the end of the semester, and while I can't... really focus on things other than school right now, I'm getting close to a time where I might be able to start working on other goals. So, toward that end, I started measuring out my peanut butter M&Ms - the junk food that will hopefully help me live through the end of the semester.

As you see above, I was not over-filling the measuring cup, and I didn't miscount the plastic bags, but somehow I could only make six quarter-cup servings out of a newly opened bag that should contain eight. Hmm.

Do the M&M people not know how to count? Do they use measuring cups that are different from our normal measuring cups? Did a thief slit open my bag of M&Ms, steal exactly a half cup, and then seamlessly reseal the bag?

Questions, questions.

Things I Learned in Law School:
8. Visits from Grandma are nice relaxations (Hi Grandma :) )
9. There is not time in the day to do everything you should do
10. No matter how much you study, it will never be enough
11. This is why law students are all crazy by the end of the first semester.
12. (Some of us were already crazy).