Sunday, March 29, 2009

All that glisters is not gold...

Usually, it's actually from Ross.

Tonight Jamie and Rachel, two of my law school friends (as well as Claire and her husband and my classmates and all my other law school friends, just saying that Jamie and Rachel were the primary influences and focus of the photographic evidence) dragged me/each other to the Barrister's Ball. South Texas holds a formal every spring for students and faculty, giving us a chance to dress up and eat a nice dinner in a nice ballroom (and drink nice alcohol, if that's your thing - Jamie bargained for the two drink tickets included with my meal, and enjoyed them immensely).

Granted, I might not have been the most willing participant, but it was a decently fun night - it was nice to get out and talk to everyone and relax in pretty clothes. Pretty clothes are, on very rare occasions, sort of fun.

Heels are a different story altogether - my feet aren't speaking to me.

The day started far too early - Jamie and I went to an exam-writing seminar the school offered. The information was good, specific and usefull and I felt a little better about the tests, but the seminar lasted from 8 in the morning to 3:30 - we had an hour break for lunch. The first four hours were good, but by the last two... no one could pay any attention. I liked the teaching style of the woman who taught the course, though: straightforward and simple.

After that long and brain-draining exercise, Jamie and I went back to her apartment and changed/got ready. This, naturally, took longer than it should have, but we were still the first people of our little group to show up at the ball.

Pre-Ball pictures:

You can see the cute shawl/wrap on me to keep my dress modest - yes, I kept it on all night.

More playful picture

Jamie actually took this one while I was stumbling... heels and grass don't mix.

The ball itself was pretty fun - mostly a dinner/talking thing. There was some dancing at the end, but by that point all of the women had been in our high heels for at least four, maybe five hours. Some girls danced... I don't understand how. A hidden streak of masochism, perhaps? They are in law school, after all... and we're all crazy here.

Me at the ball - this is actually a much better representation of my dress's color.

This is Jamie and me...

Annnd Rachel and me.

Never, ever argue with a camera.

The final showing of photographic evidence demonstrates that, in my opinion, I need to never, ever wear tights with this dress again. They aren't white - they're just normal nylon-color - but the visual combination of the dress and the shawl and the nylons is baad.

Things I Learned in Law School:

4. Words like 'consideration' contain whole encyclopedias of unsuspected information.
5. Houston thunderstorms are loud.
6. It's actually kind of interesting to look up a bunch of cases and decide what the law is from them... maybe I'm weird?
7. (I'm definitely weird).

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  1. How fun! I am glad Jamie and Rachel persuaded you to go. LOVE YOU!