Monday, August 24, 2009

Status: Res Ipsa Loquitur (The thing speaks for itself).

Lasagna roll recipe: Too much spinach, not enough ricotta. Short paper due tomorrow: in progress. Power: flickering during thunderstorm. On a scale of 1-10, level of desire to curl up in bed with a fantasy novel and a piece of chocolate cake: 13. Actual chocolate cake in apartment: 0. Freezer status: stuffed full. Vegetables in fridge that will likely go bad before I figure out a way to use them: 4.

Based upon prior experience, how many mushrooms I'll use before they become inedible: half the box. Level of happiness to be in school again and working on things: 7.9/10. (11.5 if professors or prospective employers are reading this).

Sudden concern that professors and prospective employers won't get sense of humor: 9.

Number of pages to be read in one class this semester: 1200. Weeks until final paper in Legal Research and Writing is due: 11. Number of BPA-free plastic bottles acquired: 3. Number of said bottles already accidentally abandoned (though recoverable): 1. Favorite item of the week: Kashi crunchy cereal. Favorite granola bar: FiberOne. Acceptable FiberOne substitutes: 0. Mornings awake in class so for this semester: all of them. Sleep schedule that has permitted said awakeness: not to be discussed.

Favorite food item ever: Vegas roll at Flying Sumo in Park City. Recent movies watched: Van Helsing and Runaway Jury. Cleaning agent used most often: distilled white vinegar. Attempts to properly season 'pre-seasoned' cast iron pan: 2. Lund cousins now married: 4 (yay!). Fiction books currently in the middle of, which will likely not be finished until after finals: 3. Books, notebooks, or supplements currently living on my floor: over 15. Ice cream bar made of Awesome: BlueBunny Aspen bars in raspberry with white yogurt covering.

Post-it notes attached to computer monitor: 2. Color of viscous liquid seeping out from under washing machine: yellow. Number of geckos seen on outside wall of apartment complex: 1. Number of wasps spotted in apartment: 2. Wasps accounted for: 1. Worry over missing wasp: present, but slowly in decline.

Family missed: all of you!

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  1. You are so funny! Love the randomness. Hope school is going great! Love you and miss you tonzzzzz!