Monday, October 5, 2009

The Fish and the Kitchen Floor

I cooked a fish last week - a salmon fillet, using this recipe, all by myself and hundreds of miles from the person (otherwise known as dad) who usually cooks fish for me. It turned out pretty good - really good, actually, with a downgrading to pretty good on reheating because fish just doesn't reheat very well. However, this fish seems to have a strange, magnet attraction to my kitchen floor.

Of the five portions of salmon I had, two of them so far have ended up plummeting to my linoleum, thus making themselves inedible and depriving me of their salmony goodness. Sorrow is had.

I'm writing on the blog... which, of course, means that I have a paper due tomorrow. Much of it is done - I just need to finish one section in the main portion, clean everything up, and do a couple little sections at the beginning - but it's nice to have a break.

Mom visited a week ago, for my birthday, and it was much much fun - even if Gaidos wasn't as good as we were hoping. (Possibly our fault for not getting everything fried and dipped in butter and then fried again). There was even sun for part of a couple of days. Of course, now that she's gone back home to rainy cold Utah, it's been rainy and hot and muggy down here in Houston. I still step outside some nights and watch my glasses fog up.

That's a safety hazard, you know. If someone was waiting right outside my apartment or my car, I'd never see them!

Mmm, and mom brought me huckleberry jam, which is absolutely delicious. I'm going to be running out of it within a week.

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